About Us

SteppingStone Therapeutic was created to meet the need for a family to have access to professional integrated care. This means providing your “family” with services that are individualized to your needs. We know from personal and professional experience, the difficulties that a family faces in obtaining specialized care and services that are conveniently located and family friendly.

At SteppingStone Therapeutic we will strive to fit appointments into your life versus you living around appointments.

SteppingStone Therapeutics’ treatment areas and equipment are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the client.

Friendly, innovative therapists draw upon extensive training and experience to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater capabilities and skill levels for each client.

SteppingStone Therapeutic has been created with your convenience and comfort in mind. We look forward to your family becoming part of our family.

SteppingStone Therapeutic is here to enhance each person’s life by improving their function and independence in daily activities across all environments. Each person is unique and has special abilities.

In regards to children, we believe that “family” is the child’s primary source of support and strength and that the child’s and family’s perspective is invaluable to progress. It is this approach that shapes the policies and programs that are offered.

We’re proud to share that SteppingStone Therapeutic has joined the Nystrom & Associates Family. Click here to learn more.