SteppingStone Therapeutic has joined the Nystrom & Associates family! SteppingStone Therapeutic will continue to operate much the same way it has always been and you will experience very few, if any changes. Below are some questions and answers about how this change may affect you:

Providing quality care for our clients is our utmost priority and will continue uninterrupted at SteppingStone Therapeutic. Your care will be with the same providers and at the same locations and hours of operation.

No, you will continue to schedule by calling into the office or you may request an appointment on our website. Please select Hutchinson North as the Clinic Location.

Yes! We will continue to provide visits via telehealth for the foreseeable future. For our virtual visits, we use a HIPAA compliant platform called Lifesize. Your provider will send you a link and you can open in your web browser to start the session or download the app on your smartphone. For each session, you will receive a new link (extension number) via email. For psychiatry appointments, you will also receive the link via text message. These links are sent from donotreply@nystromcounseling.com so you may need to check your spam folder if you have not received your link in your inbox.

If your insurance was in-network prior to the partnership, it will remain so. If you would like to make a payment, you may call into our office or go online by following the instructions on your statement. Our Patient Financial Services Team is your main point of contact for any questions about insurance, billing, or payments and payment plans.

As we transition, you may receive statements from both SteppingStone Therapeutic and Nystrom & Associates. Once our systems are fully integrated, you will only receive your statement from Nystrom & Associates.

You will receive multiple appointment reminders via different methods. You will receive an email 5 days prior, an automated phone call 3 days prior, and a text message 2 days and 1 day/same day prior to your appointment. All methods do give you the option to cancel your appointment in the event that you need do so.  However, if your appointment is within 24 hours, you will need to contact our office to cancel your appointment. The email reminders are sent from reminders@relatient.net so you may need to check your spam folder if you have not received your email reminder in your inbox.

FollowMyHealth is a Patient Portal.  By registering and using FollowMyHealth, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • View your upcoming scheduled appointments
  • Request, reschedule, or cancel an appointment
  • View and pay your bill online
  • Review and get information about diagnoses
  • Update your insurance and demographic information

We will be adding more features such as sending and receiving secure messages with your outpatient therapist or medication provider.

If you have questions, you can contact FollowMyHealth Support at 1-888-670-9775 (7:00am – 7:00pm) or at support@followmyhealth.com

General Information

Our office is located at 20288 Hwy 15 N, Suite 100 in Hutchinson, MN.

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We are a small clinic dedicated to the needs of our clients.  We care about your family’s needs outside of the therapy realm. We will strive to give you the personal professional services your family deserves.

Our clinic has the capacity to serve all ages; however, we specialize in working with children from birth to age 15 and their families.

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health/Behavioral Health, including EMDR, alcohol and drug assessment/counseling, and Child/Parent Psychotherapy, as well as professional consultation and training, parenting classes and social skills groups.  Our professionals are also qualified to teach workshops in their areas of expertise.

We hope to add Speech/Language Pathology services in the future.

SteppingStone Therapeutic is pleased to be working with the insurance companies to bring you the best care. Below is a list of insurance companies that SteppingStone Therapeutic is accepting:

Counseling and Behavioral/Mental Health:

  • BlueCross/BlueShield of MN
  • Health Partners
  • Minnesota Medical Assistance
  • PreferredOne
  • PrimeWest Health
  • South Country
  • Medica
  • UCare

Occupational Therapy

  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Health Partners
  • Minnesota Medical Assistance
  • PreferredOne
  • PrimeWest Health
  • South Country
  • UCare

Behavioral/Mental Health

Extensive research has shown that the quality of experiences in the first 3 years of life has a profound impact on later development, including how children perform in school and their ability to form satisfying relationships with family, teachers, friends and others.

Good mental health for adults means the ability to have a job, maintain a home, and engage in healthy relationships. For young children, good mental health means being able to develop secure, trusting relationships, expressing emotions appropriately, and interacting with others.

Occupational Therapy

Our profession defines “occupations” as anything you do that takes up time.  When something in your life prevents you from completing your “occupations”, (this can be due to illness, injuries, developmental delays, and/or disability) that is when you see an occupational therapist.

Individuals of all ages can participate in occupational therapy.  We associate the word ‘occupation’ with work, so for adults work can be their actual job, balancing a checkbook, preparing meals, or getting dressed.  The ‘occupation’ of childhood is to develop the skills necessary to become functional and independent adults (this is done through playing and learning).  For children this can include working on daily activities such as getting dressed, brushing their teeth, playing with their peers, hand-eye coordination, handwriting, and positively dealing with anger and frustration.